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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Miller, TroyCook XI Cricket Club10764.00
2 Singh, JaspalCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club8611.00
3 Waldon, MichaelLake George Bunyips Cricket Club7572.00
4 Sudam, Aravind BTeluguMates Cricket Club9522.00
5 Roy, RommelCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club10457.00
6 McKinnon, MitchCook XI Cricket Club10432.00
7 Andrews, WillSTC Pumas Cricket Club10431.00
8 Samant, MihirCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club10431.00
9 Charman, MickQueanbeyan Cricket Club8429.00
10 Sturgiss, CollinQueanbeyan Cricket Club9425.00
11 Carlyle, RorySTC Pumas Cricket Club7414.00
12 Webster, TimSTC Pumas Cricket Club10406.00
13 Singh, ArpitCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club6389.00
14 Samineni, HarishTeluguMates Cricket Club9375.00
15 Adams, RyanLake George Bunyips Cricket Club6367.00
16 Newton, DanielQueanbeyan Cricket Club9360.00
17 Charman, KennyQueanbeyan Cricket Club8346.00
18 Karlapur, PrasadTeluguMates Cricket Club7336.00
19 tattersall, andrewCook XI Cricket Club8327.00
20 Hasan, KamalCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club10320.00
21 Jeganathan, SanjitAKS Jets Cricket Club10304.00
22 Roberson, PatCook XI Cricket Club9299.00
23 Sinha, AdiCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club7294.00
24 Turner, NivenSTC Pumas Cricket Club11283.00
25 Thivy, NadaavLake George Bunyips Cricket Club8275.00
26 HOLMES, LIAMCook XI Cricket Club8272.00
27 Karne, LaxmiTeluguMates Cricket Club8264.00
28 Divito, NinoCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club9263.00
29 Allen, KyleSTC Pumas Cricket Club6255.00
30 Madawala, AnudhSTC Pumas Cricket Club7254.00
31 Ranganathan, ArunTeluguMates Cricket Club8249.00
32 Kelly, Ross SWorkers (Redbacks) Cricket Club9245.00
33 Taylor, Daniel MWorkers (Redbacks) Cricket Club6243.00
34 Taylor, JamesSTC Pumas Cricket Club8235.00
35 Boyd, David JLake George Bunyips Cricket Club7231.00
36 Robinson, EvanAKS Jets Cricket Club8225.00
37 Adams, LachlanLake George Bunyips Cricket Club3223.00
38 Meddemmen, LukeCook XI Cricket Club10215.00
39 Usback, MarkWorkers (Redbacks) Cricket Club6212.00
40 Jeganathan, RajitAKS Jets Cricket Club9209.00
41 Potturi, RajAKS Jets Cricket Club5208.00
42 Cullin, KevinSTC Pumas Cricket Club5203.00
43 Williams, MattLake George Bunyips Cricket Club8198.00
44 Nath, GopiTeluguMates Cricket Club7194.00
45 Guda, SridharTeluguMates Cricket Club5193.00
46 Jess, NathanQueanbeyan Cricket Club9192.00
47 Sharma, AkshunAKS Jets Cricket Club8190.00
48 Lang, MickWorkers (Redbacks) Cricket Club7181.00
49 Reddy, Naveen KTeluguMates Cricket Club6170.00
50 Nicolson, GlennSTC Pumas Cricket Club11169.00
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Total Records: 208   Page: 1 of 5   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5]>Next
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 5.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 20.00 Assisted Wickets 20.00
Unassisted Runouts 0.00 Assisted Runouts 0.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 20.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00