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Matches Played

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1st Grade/2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
1 Fitzgerald, RichardLanka Lions Cricket Club1030
2 Nicholapillai, LawrenceLanka Lions Cricket Club0010
3 Calver, BronwynBarton Cricket Club00130
4 Shannon, Darryn OSTC Pumas Cricket Club01700
5 Geeves, BrendenSTC Pumas Cricket Club00160
6 Fortey, DaveWood Ducks Cricket Club01007
7 Bettles, Colin JWorkers (Redbacks) Cricket Club0010
8 Willey, AaronBarton Cricket Club0020
9 Eklim, ShabeerBrindabella Cricket Club00017
10 Kellar, EvanLake George Bunyips Cricket Club0080
11 Armstrong, DrewPanthers40012
12 Brooker, Daniel WSTC Pumas Cricket Club3000
13 Withanage, VasCanberra City Cricket Club0050
14 Gardner, KeithBrindabella Cricket Club0008
15 Biggs, GarethCanberra City Cricket Club0001
16 Powers, AdamCanberra City Cricket Club0003
17 Day, Robert JWood Ducks Cricket Club0008
18 Mico, GregPanthers0003
19 Smee, LukePanthers1000
20 Wilson, LeithPanthers0001
21 Todd, DavidPanthers6002
22 Holmes, CiaranPanthers00010
23 Hewat, MattPanthers18000
24 Hewat, AdamPanthers1003
25 Benness, ScottPanthers13000
26 Karunasekara, NeilLanka Lions Cricket Club00110
27 Axon, GregSTC Pumas Cricket Club14000
28 Woollaston, RobSTC Pumas Cricket Club8000
29 Mclaughlan, TimothyAKS Jets Cricket Club0300
30 Isaacson, TonyAKS Jets Cricket Club0200
31 Nulty, StuartAKS Jets Cricket Club0400
32 Paterson, HughAKS Jets Cricket Club0100
33 Booth, JasonBarton Cricket Club00180
34 Southam, DanielBarton Cricket Club01000
35 Kochevatkin, MichaelBarton Cricket Club00100
36 Morgan, BradBarton Cricket Club01600
37 Ryan, AndrewBarton Cricket Club0010
38 Boak, MilesBarton Cricket Club0422
39 Stanford, ScottBarton Cricket Club00117
40 Carr, AdamBarton Cricket Club0008
41 Zwiers, WendellBarton Cricket Club03180
42 Viney, MarkBarton Cricket Club0016
43 Najjar, MartinBarton Cricket Club00011
44 Tough, MattBarton Cricket Club0015
45 Chalker, BruceBarton Cricket Club0020
46 de Silva, RaviLanka Lions Cricket Club1060
47 Edirisooriya, AnuradhaLanka Lions Cricket Club13000
48 Whitechurch, MarkCanberra City Cricket Club13000
49 Bryant, RossSTC Pumas Cricket Club0100
50 Bryant, RossPanthers0002
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Total Records: 903   Page: 1 of 19   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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