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Hall of Fame - Bowling | Canberra City and Suburban Cricket Association
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Hall of Fame - Bowling

Grade Type 
Match Format 
InningsMatchHat Tricks

5 wickets in an innings

1Andy DuncanCanberra City Cricket Club2017/20188.311961st Grade/2nd Grade16 1Cook XI929788126271212710998
2Aaron UmbackPanthers CC2017/20183.202361st Grade/2nd GradeGF 1Lanka Lions167697112616042834997
3Indika KumaraLanka Lions2017/20188.213161st Grade/2nd Grade10 1STC Pumas 1164691112674992710966
4Regan KellyWorkers Redbacks 12017/20189.011651st Grade/2nd Grade4 1Cook XI91092112615932710936
5Rob NicholasPanthers CC2017/20187.041751st Grade/2nd Grade3 1Cook XI24476612616042710932
6Mitchell WeedenCanberra City Cricket Club2017/20185.321751st Grade/2nd Grade17 1Panthers CC676560126271212711002
7Nitin DuaCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club2017/20189.011851st Grade/2nd Grade8 1Cook XI1203666126287692710956
8Anthony J BriggsPanthers CC2017/20187.402051st Grade/2nd Grade3 1Cook XI66018712616042710932
9Mark WhitechurchCanberra City Cricket Club2017/20189.032551st Grade/2nd Grade1 1Workers Redbacks 2203401126271212710922
10Daniel WynnCanberra Gymkhana Cricket Club2017/20189.013051st Grade/2nd Grade17 1Cook XI807237126287692711003
11Phil ChrispWorkers Redbacks 22017/20187.113051st Grade/2nd Grade13 1STC Pumas 220382212615932710980
12Taha AliCanberra City Cricket Club2017/20186.203151st Grade/2nd GradeGF 1Canberra Gymkhana Cricket Club594131126271212711012
13Jacob PatonPanthers CC2017/20188.333751st Grade/2nd Grade11 1Workers Redbacks 2151187912616042710972
14Amit NagarWorkers Redbacks 22017/20189.014251st Grade/2nd Grade2 1Panthers CC57604012615932710925
15Jason OnusSTC Pumas 12017/20188.45151st Grade/2nd Grade14 1Cook XI20364612615902710984
16Troy MillerCook XI2017/20188.05351st Grade/2nd Grade11 1Lanka Lions24763912616002710973
17Matt KratzelWorkers Redbacks 12017/20189.015951st Grade/2nd Grade5 1STC Pumas 2119292412615932710939