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1205 Jason Livermore - Dave Haskins Queanbeyan Cricket Club5th Grade10 1 Wood Ducks XI
2182 Lucas James - Vishal Arora Brindabella Cricket Club4th Grade4 1 Workers Redbacks
3170 Jay Poria - Sachin Sharma Canberra Gymkhana Cricket Club1st Grade5 1 Lions Cricket Canberra
4160 Tom Mcnamara - Jason Livermore Queanbeyan Cricket Club5th Grade5 1 Wood Ducks XI
5205 Troy Miller - andrew tattersall Cook XI Cricket Club3rd Grade4 1 Workers Redbacks
6110 Jason Brayshaw - Gareth McAlister Woden Wanderers Cricket Club4th Grade10 1 Brindabella
7119 Neil Karunasekara - Gehan Wadigasinghe Lions Cricket Canberra4th Grade5 1 Workers Redbacks
898 Scott See - Mark Rattigan Harman Demons Cricket Club4th Grade1 1 Workers Redbacks
965 Mark Lovie - Peter Kefous Woden Wanderers Cricket Club5th Grade4 1 Queanbeyan Razorbacks
10215 andrew tattersall - Pat Roberson Cook XI Cricket Club3rd Grade10 1 STC Pumas

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